Pouring Honey

Speaking Engagements

Food and Feelings

Are they connected?

Did you know that thoughts and feelings are connected to the decisions you make about food.  Body image, self-worth, and life stressors play an enormous role in how we treat ourselves day in and day out.  During this presentation you will learn multiple strategies to help you build a new relationship with food and feel better in your body.


Everyday Nutrition and Meal Planning

What does my body need every day?

Learn how to fuel your body in a sustainable way.  Macronutrient education along with tips and tricks on how to plan healthy menus and make balanced food choices are foundations of this presentation.


Nutrition and Hormones

What can I do?

Learn how the body works and how hormone imbalances can affect your quality of life in regard to food cravings fatigue, weight changes and feeling out of control with food.


Nutrition and Body Image

Is it possible to achieve peace with our body?

A powerful look at how we feel about our body affects multiple areas of our lives.  Learn how adequate nutrition can decrease the level of stress and dissatisfaction associated with our societies expectations and pursuit of the perfect body.


Eating Disorders 101

Do I, or someone I love, have signs of an eating disorder or disordered eating?

This is a comprehensive look at the etiology of eating disorders along with signs, symptoms, support recommendations and ultimatelyseek treatment for recovery.