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Peggy Pratt, PhD, RD, LDN

A little more about us...

I am the owner of Radiant Nutrition and a married, working mom of two young adult children.  It is from my own experiences over the past 29 years that I am convinced proper food intake, behavior change through nutrition therapy and body movement can change lives! This is why I am so passionate to share my knowledge with others.  


My education includes receiving my MS and PhD in Nutrition from Texas Woman’s University and my Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Kansas State University.  I am also a Certified Eating Disorder dietitian.  I'm currently serving as President for the Knoxville Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and have been awarded the Outstanding Dietitian of the Year and Outstanding Dietetic Educator of the Year.


My work experiences include provision of nutrition therapy for patients in the hospital and outpatient setting.  I have also worked in school nutrition programs.  For the past several years I have been solely devoted to working with clients who struggle with eating disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome, weight body image concerns, food sensitivities and hormone issues.  I am a former adjunct faculty member at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and work with the athletic department to provide eating disorder services to student athletes.












Devon Millsaps, MS, RD, LDN, is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist currently practicing nutrition in Knoxville and surrounding areas.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Tennessee, where she earned a B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics and recently graduated with her M.S. in Nutrition at Murray State University.

Devon has experience working in eating disorders at Focus Treatment Centers in Knoxville, where she interned for Dr. Peggy Pratt. Devon believes in Health at Every Size (HAES) and takes a holistic approach to health. By using evidence-based practice, she strives to help clients find peace with food and body, while also learning how to nourish and move their bodies in ways that are enjoyable. Devon also provides services and education related to intuitive eating, sports nutrition, diabetes, and PCOS.  

Devon provides support that comes from a place of compassion, not punishment. She believes that her personal journey with an eating disorder and recovery helps her to understand and connect with clients on a personal level. Devon has a passion for helping others find food freedom, body acceptance, and a healthy relationship with food.

In her free time, Devon enjoys hiking in the Smoky Mountains, riding bikes, playing piano and ukulele, traveling to new places, exploring new foods, and staying home and watching movies with her fiance.


Devon Millsaps, MS, RD, LDN

We fully believe...

  • Everyone deserves quality, non-discriminatory healthcare.

  • Body trust is not a fantasy.
  • Peace with food and our bodies is attainable and leads to freedom from diet culture.
  • Everyone can change.
  • In working with our bodies, not against them.

  • Eating and movement are meant to be enjoyable!

  • Self-compassion and acceptance are essential parts of healing our relationship with food and our body.

  • In evidence-based practice and research that is free of weight bias. 

  • Diversity should be recognized and valued.